If you are new to Lively you might want to start here:
Dan Ingalls. The Live Web - Drag 'n Drop in the Cloud (video, JS CONF USA 2012) Building objects with Morphic in Lively Kernel (screencast) Interactive tutorials
This is the start world of Lively Web, an online wiki and construction kit that allows you to create webpages and live objects within them. You can inspect and modify virtually everything you see!
A good place to start is to look around the PartsBin, an object repository that hosts full-blown apps or smaller pieces that can be combined and customized to create apps. You can publish your own objects in there as well.
New to Lively?
To start working on the core system you can create your own persistent "workspaces". Simply save this or the blank world under a new name (World menu -> Save world as...). To view and edit the source code use the System code browser.
How to work with Lively locally?
How to work with lively-web.org?
Before you start please login. Then have a look at the recently changed worlds:
If you want to change or add new content, just visit a world and save the world under a different name (World menu -> Save world as...).